Hi Folks!

Attorney Leland Faux here. If you are an online content creator, such as a blogger, podcaster, youtuber, affiliate marketer, etc, or if you sell products online, for example on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, securing a trademark as soon as possible is a smart thing to do for your business.  Doing it the right way helps you minimize the risk of infringing on other trademarks, protects your own brand, products, or services, and adds value to your business.  Plus, a trademark is a transferable, valuable asset!

I help people evaluate the trademark landscape through trademark searches, register for federal trademarks, and enforce their trademark rights. If you would like help in one of these areas, contact me!

In addition to trademark services,  I help people in the online space with copyright issues, online privacy policies or terms, business formation questions, and I’ve also done general business consulting primarily dealing with business improvement and issues in family business. I love talking business.

I attended Brigham Young University for both undergraduate education (BS in Economics) and law school. I’m licensed as an attorney in Nevada and practice federal trademark law under 37 CFR 11.14. I’m married and I have five children (2 girls and 3 boys) and two cats.

For fun, I enjoy learning about how people got their businesses started and I listen to podcasts or read book or magazines on the topic. I tinker on the web on various online projects and do some creative writing every once in a while. I also enjoy eating out and watching movies.  I keep trying to get more into hiking, camping, and fishing with varying levels of success (I’m apparently not very good at fishing).